Idemitsu 4T 20W-50 SL/MA 1L

৳ 500.00


  • Peerless detergent-dispersant properties.
  • Special friction modifier effectively improves fuel consumption.
  • Prolongs engine life and improve running efficiency.
  • Meets the requirement of APl: SL & JASO: MA

Packing: 24 x 1 Litre Carton



A superior quality all season multi-grade engine oil specially formulated for use in all gasoline, diesel and turbo-charged engines. It has outstanding high thermal and oxidation stability, excellent anti-wear and detergent-dispersant properties. It also gives excellent low temperature starting properties. The special friction modifier added further improves fuel consumption.


Recommended for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines where API: SL & JASO: MA or below are required.

Typical Specifications                                          




SAE Viscosity grade 20W-50
Color (Appearance) D-1500 L 2.5 (Brown)
Density 15 oC  g/cm³ D-4052 0.8773
Flash Point (COC) oC D-92 268
Viscosity, cSt @ 40 oC D-445 162.1
@ 100 oC 18.45
Viscosity Index D-2270 127
TBN, HClO4 (mgKOH/g) D-2896 7.50
Foaming @ 93.5oC (ml) D-892 10-0



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