IDEMITSU CVTF (Continuously Variable Transmission) 4L

৳ 3,500.00


  • Superlong-life Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Superior protection against premature wear and tear of moving parts
  • Excellent protection and performance at high temperatures and high loads

Packing: 6 x 4 Litres Carton



Product Name: IDEMITSU CVTF Fully-Synthetic
Item Weight: 4 Ltrs
Part No:
Type Oil: CVTF
Packing: Plastic can
Fluid Color: Red
Physical State: Liquid
Odor: Petroleum odor
Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle (Car, SUV)
Shipping Information: —Self-catering-Dhaka

Idemitsu CVTF is the latest technologically advanced continuously variable transmission fluid suitable for use in all modern CVT units. This special formulation consists of high-quality hydrocracked base stock and various additives to enhance smooth & positive shifting under severe working conditions.
Recommended for all modern continuous variable transmission gearbox, especially Japanese cars.
Compatible with:
Amix CVT Fluid-DC, CVT Fluid TC, CVT Fluid NS-1 / NS-2, CVTF 3320, Dia-Queen CVT Fluid-J1, ECVT Fluid / i-CVT Fluid, SCVT Fluid, CVT Oil, CVT Fluid Green-1 / Green IV, CVT Fluid 3320, Matic Fluid D, i-CVT/FG.
For more details, please refer to the Idemitsu ATF / CVTF comparable table chart.


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