What are the benefits of using Synthetic Engine Oil over Conventional one?

To better understand the benefits of synthetic engine oils, let us first start with knowing synthetic engine oils better. Synthetic engine oils are superior in quality and offer better overall performance & protection especially during extreme circumstances. Synthetic engine oils are formulated with premium quality base oils that have fewer impurities and along with performance enhancing additives.

Conventional mineral engine oils mineral base oils are (Group-I or Group-II) as the primary ingredient which generally have more impurities.

Synthetic engine oils generally offers greater advantages to automobiles such as – Lower viscosity leading to better cold temperature performance (cold-start).

  • Improved fuel economy resulting in more savings.
  • Less engine sludge & keeps the engine cleaner in long run
  • Volatility performance is good and in between top-up is not required.
  • Greater engine wear protection.


When it comes to best synthetic oils for your vehicle, Idemitsu offers wide range of synthetic engine oils such as Idemitsu 4T 10W-40 MA FS, Idemitsu 4T 10W-30 MA & Idemitsu 4T 10W-30 MB special engineered for new generation motorbikes and automatic scooters. These premium ranges of lubricants also meet International specification such as JASO.

Idemitsu’s premium range of lubricants are backed by Japanese technology, are easy on environment and are also intended to reduce carbon footprint. Idemitsu’s lubricant technology is also by leading motor vehicle manufacturers in India as well as in the world.

We recommend you also to check with service manual to know the best engine oil suitable for your vehicle.

Is synthetic engine oil better than the conventional one?

Yes, of course, synthetic engine oils are generally better than conventional mineral engine oils in many ways. Synthetic oils are manufactured with superior quality base oils (such as Group-III or PAO) that adds to the overall performance package to engine oil.

Synthetic oils come with multiple superior benefits like:

  • Better mileage and fuel economy
  • Increased engine protection
  • Reduced engine’s internal drags & frictions
  • Perform better in severe weather conditions like extreme cold or heat
  • Keeps engine clean & deposit free for longer duration Whereas, conventional mineral engine oils is are made withmineral base oils (like Group-I or Group-II) that may contains more impurities and it can affect your engine performance & protection in long run. Idemitsu manufactures the best quality synthetic engine oils for both cars & 2-wheelers.


Idemitsu SN A5/B5 C2 5W-30, and Idemitsu Zepro SN Ow-20 GF-5 are fully synthetic oils specially designed and formulated to provide high protection as well as improved fuel efficiency performance.

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